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Why do women need to be smart in driving a car?

 The Reason Women Need to Be Smart in Driving a Car

While driving after I had business on campus, I remembered the early days of learning to drive a car eight years ago. Wow, scuffs on the car door, cracks on the bumper, and scratches on the right side of the car body. Fortunately, my husband doesn't complain about going back and forth to the subscription repair shop. In addition to being good at driving his wife, also because all the damage is covered by car insurance in Indonesia. It's great.

Why do women need to be smart in driving a car?

Women, whether they are single or married, need to be smart in driving a car. Especially for a wife, in my opinion, it is obligatory to be good at driving. Here's the reason:

Be More Independent

Honestly, I'm actually the type of wife who is not very independent. Yes, because Pak Su (Pear) prefers to take him everywhere (read: Pak Husband). It's just nice to be next to her, feel like a big lady or like a prince charming princess, hehe. However, things don't always work that way, so I chose to be able to take a car so I could be more independent everywhere.

When Undergoing LDR with Husband

LDM, to be precise, Long Distance Marriage, yup, we were blessed with four children, the first to third children, we were forced to undergo a separate LDM because our husband's agency required it. It's only been three years since we've been under the same roof again and we feel very grateful to be able to become a complete family, not just gathering on weekends like in previous years.

Just imagine if during that time I couldn't drive a car, I had to hire a driver, yes, if the person was trustworthy, especially when I was away from the head of the family, Alhamdulillah, I'm very happy that I can drive my own car while traveling long distance with my husband.

Rainy Season and Children Ask To Be Picked Up

Once, before I learned how to learn to drive a car, the clock showed that it was time to pick up a child from a lesson at an educational institution. At that time there was no application-based transportation as is prevalent today. So, like it or not, I asked my neighbor's sister for help, who could bring a car.

Next time, I want to or not, I will pick up my children from class by rickshaw. The rainy conditions made water droplets splash on my children's clothes. As a result, when we got home some of our clothes were wet. Ironically, our MPV was parked beautifully in the carport. Fyuhh, it feels like I really can't use the existing facilities, because I can't drive.

Much Needed in an Emergency

Unfortunate can't be denied, luck can't be achieved, the third child is vomiting with very frequent intensity. Finally, in order to avoid unwanted things, I rushed to grab the ignition of the car and took the child to the nearest hospital.

Once when my husband came home on a weekend while on duty out of town, in the middle of the night he complained of stomach pain, his face was pale and when he walked back he stopped in the kitchen groaning in pain.

Spontaneously, I didn't want to wait any longer, that very second I changed clothes, grabbed my headscarf and took my husband to the emergency room at the hospital near my house. What happens if I can't drive a car. Ordering a taxi also takes time, it is very important that the wife can bring a car.

Thank God the health insurance matters have also been prepared well in advance. There is cheap health insurance that is recommended to cover the costs of medical treatment and health care in hospitals and other medical services.

Supporting Mobility at Work

My profession as a lecturer at a university is in dire need of mobility supporters everywhere. When carrying out the tri dharma of higher education, be it education and teaching, research, and community service, it is very difficult if you do not have a private vehicle.

Because sometimes in a day a lecturer has to move from one place to another. To research locations, visits to community service sites, attending meetings with stakeholders, and much more. During the current pandemic, some of these things can be replaced with online meetings, but some obligations require meeting in person, of course, while still implementing health protocols.


The reasons women need to be smart in driving a car vary according to the person's condition. For me, the reason is that I want to be more independent, more helpful when undergoing LDR with my husband, during the rainy season and when the child asks to be picked up, driving skills are very, very useful, very much needed during an emergency, and certainly supports mobility at work.