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Tips so that girls can drive fast, don't study with their husbands



There are many reasons why women are lazy to drive a car, from being tired to being afraid of an accident.

Not to mention learning to drive a car is also not as easy as a motorcycle. There are many parts to remember and if you forget for a moment a collision can occur. But calm down, all of that can be overcome with the right practice.

How about training and driving tips for women?

The following are tips on how to drive for women quoted from Daihatsu:

Don't study with husband or father

First, you are better off looking for a reliable driving instructor, not learning from your father, husband, or older brother. Family or close people are usually impatient with our slowness in learning.

As a result, we often forget important things such as shifting gears or stepping on the brakes on automatic cars.

It's really dangerous, right? For example, the woman who recently went viral for bumping into a pregnant woman in Palmerah, West Jakarta.

At that time, he was learning to drive and stepped on the wrong pedal so that he hit a pregnant woman and died.

So that this incident does not happen again, you better learn from a professional in teaching driving. Professional tutors know how to make you watch worry-free driving.

Practice Often

Second, don't dream of being able to drive smoothly just because you've been practicing for a few days. Remember, driving is a matter of experience.

For that, you need to hone your skills by practicing as often as possible.

That way, you can get used to holding the steering wheel and doing simple things. For example, overtaking a car, facing a bend or crossing to the other side of the road. These things are not easy to learn, you know

Deepen Knowledge

Third, you should study more and deepen your knowledge of driving. For example, parking the car from a vertical, inclined, or parallel model.

Remember, mastering this parking problem means you pass to become a reliable driver.

Those who learn to drive say that parking is the most stressful moment. If learning to drive only takes a few days, this parking problem may take months.

The reason is none other than the various types of parking, the most difficult being parallel. So, ask the instructor to teach this parallel parking problem.

More Tricks

Do not panic!

Fourth, don't panic. You may have heard rumors that driving is very dangerous. Yes, this is true, really.

However, if you are constantly afraid, you will become anxious.

So, try to relax while driving, even when doing something wrong. People are nervous the first time they drive.

Take a deep breath and concentrate on the steps that need to be done.


Fifth, stay focused. Focusing on eliminating anxiety is important. But, don't forget to pay attention to the right, left, and back sides.

When we are on the streets we are not alone, there are other road users who are also around the car. Don't try to make calls while driving or even in the mirror.

Even if you turn your eyes away from the rearview mirror, the car you are driving could have a collision, either from behind, from the side or even from the front.