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Tips for women drivers to stay safe on road

The latest gang rape in Delhi has brought to light how dangerous public transportation is in our cities. Women who drive their cars, on the other hand, are just as vulnerable to being attacked or robbed. Here are some recommendations for being safe on the road for ladies.


1. Learn the fundamentals: In addition to learning to drive, the driver must perform a few basic checks before departing to minimize unnecessary pauses.

·         A quick examination to ensure all tires are correctly inflated will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

·         Double-check that there is adequate petrol in the tank. If not, fill up at a nearby station to prevent having to fill up in a remote or unfamiliar spot.

·         Check the coolant, brake oil, and windshield washer fluid levels beneath the hood regularly.

·         Check to see whether the car has spilled any fluid when pulling out of the parking lot while driving away throughout the day.

·         Checking the spare tire for adequate air pressure is a good idea from time to time.

·         Before taking the car in for servicing, double-check that the spare tire, tire iron, and wheel nut spanner are all in good condition.

2. Maintain your car: Have your vehicle serviced regularly to prevent breakdowns at inconvenient times. Take the car to a service center as soon as possible if it is generating any unusual noises.

3. Changing tires: Learning to drive isn't enough; knowing how to replace a flat tire is essential. SUVs are becoming more popular among female drivers because of their commanding road presence; however, many are unaware that they also come with larger wheels. The wheels on full-size SUVs are so massive that lifting one wheel requires two adult men. If an SUV isn't necessary, it could be better to stay with a luxury hatchback.

4. Parking: A moving automobile is a tough target to hit. Goons select parking places, particularly those that aren't well-lit, to rob a victim. Parking in dark and lonely regions is not a good idea. Parking lots that charge a fee are typically safer. Commercial vehicles, such as vans, should not be parked near them since thieves may easily hide in them.

5. Don't fumble with your keys: Before approaching your vehicle, have your keys ready in your hand. Get in the vehicle as soon as possible and lock the doors. Just in case, it's a good idea to carry a can of pepper spray on hand.