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Statistically – Women are Better Drivers than Men, the car insurance industry confirms this.

It has been a long time since there has been a debate as to who is the best male or female driver. However, it looks like the insurance industry has declared women the clear winners. You certainly know that men have to spend more money than women to insure their cars. Yes, for the same age and car model, women should pay less for insurance than their male counterparts. Being a man, seems a bit unfair. no? What happened to gender equality?


On the insurance company's side, this difference arose not without reason, but a precise calculation that proves that behind the wheel, it is a common agreement that men are more at risk for auto insurance companies than women. To justify the same what insurance companies have established, here are some statistical points about the driving habits of men and women that are practiced over time around the world.

o Accidents involving male drivers are more fatal than accidents involving female drivers. What follows, however, is the fact that accidents involving male drivers end up costing the insurance company more than accidents involving female drivers. In addition, men tend to experience narrow escapes and close brushes more often than women.

o A larger percentage of men act aggressively behind the wheel, women on the other hand are known for their calm and patient driving. Common signs of male driving anger are frequency of honking the horn, overtaking without seeing what is in front, giving intimidating signals to other drivers, changing lanes without looking in the rearview mirror and so on.

o Men are more easily distracted and distracted while driving. It's funny that oftentimes, it's beautiful women that bother them.

o Men tend to show carelessness while driving with much more frequency than women. That includes things like listening to loud music, eating snacks while driving, not wearing a seat belt and worst of all, jumping red lights.

o One thing that women tend to do more often than men while driving is talk on a cell phone but most women use hands-free devices to do that. So the ladies took the point, even that one.

o Men are more likely to ignore the dangers of drinking and driving than women. Men are charged for drunk driving in a much larger proportion than women.

o Blame it on hormones, men are more prone to speeding than women. Rarely, a woman gets a fine or a reprimand for reckless driving.

• More often than not, men (and not women) drive sports cars and muscle cars. The sportier the car, the faster it is driven, and the faster it is, the more prone it is to accidents. So men lend more opportunities to get their cars damaged.

• The figures above clearly show that women tend to drive more carefully and with caution. They don't drive recklessly or break traffic rules. Not surprisingly, they end up gaining insurance company credibility over the men and getting away with cheaper premiums.