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Men or women - Who are better drivers?

When their husbands accelerate behind a ponderous truck, with a fast-approaching bus, and suddenly zip through the space with only inches to spare, women are scared.

Although males make up around 90% of drivers, they are responsible for virtually all road accidents. As a result, women do not merit the commonly held perception that they are road dangers...although others may argue that many men's accidents were caused by distraction from women inside or outside their vehicles.

When Ian Fleming had James Bond comment that women were considerably more cautious drivers than males as they were driving alone... but not when they had company, he may have been close to the mark. He stated that ladies require eye contact to confirm what they're saying, therefore they're considerably more dangerous if there's another woman in the driver's seat... and much more dangerous if they're in the back seats.

Women are more careful and do not take the chances that their macho male colleagues appear to relish. They despise the thought of mishaps, as well as the anguish of street fights and police reports.

When their husbands accelerate behind a ponderous truck, with a fast-approaching bus, and suddenly zip through the space with only inches to spare, women are scared. Following that are shrieks, complaints, mocking, and furious remarks.

Men, too, find it aggravating because when overtaking, women drivers would wait for a long time until the road ahead is completely free, then leave a large gap between themselves and the car being passed. Needless to say, they make several failed attempts before finally succeeding. The increasing discontent is often met with derision and rage.

Driving no longer requires physical strength, and women can drive just as well as men. Fast driving, on the other hand, requires a high level of focus. The majority of women are just uninterested in driving. They have a lot of other things on their minds, such as their families, homes, relationships, social lives, and clothing.

Few men can forget about everything else and concentrate just on a filthy old road. Men, on the other hand, sometimes get so concentrated on the road that they forget the precise path to their destination and refuse to ask for directions. Women, despite their seeming lack of interest, have an incredible sense of direction.

Women, on the other hand, maybe blatant con artists. Many people who are perfectly competent in changing a tire will skillfully portray a helpless female until a male sucker comes to rescue the damsel in distress.

As a result, the masculine myth portrays the female driver as indecisive, fickle, giddy, and unpredictable, although they are quick, sure, confident, and decisive. Men are portrayed as harsh, forceful, violent, insensitive, and dumb in the female myth, whereas women are calm and cautious.

Many guys consider their automobiles to be an extension of their masculinity. Driving is an extension of his ego, and the automobile type is a public declaration of his lifestyle objectives. Overtaking is a declaration of his superiority and mastery, whereas being overrun is similar to defeat.

An automobile is only a convenient set of wheels for most women. It is an integral aspect of a man's personality. It's no surprise that many women see their husband's automobile as their second wife. Many men whisper under their breath that she is the one woman who does not ridicule, complain, or speaks back.

Women must always be given the final say. When confronted with their driving, women appear to have an amazing capacity to resurrect long-forgotten memories of their man's prior driving mishaps or ability to get lost, and if that doesn't work, they can come up with a variety of other inventive methods to pierce the male ego. Women may be quite harmful!